Bernd Härpfer - Composition and Audiovisual Art

Trace Track Trail

video (PAL), electronic music (stereo)
2007, team play with Tessa Knapp
film: 6:15 min. / installation

The works can be either presented in a linear screening or prefered as an audiovisual installation. The works are installed in serial succession on one projection screen. In exhibitions that had the spatial opportunity, the works have been shown as single loops on freestanding units of projection-backdrops arranged in the exhibition site.

In view there are sections of a mediterranean pine forest. Movements of walking and cycling persons are subdivided by individual trees in the foreground. The resulting elements provide a basis for the compositional structure underlying the montage. Varied editing priciples operate with interventions like punching out, displacement and reassamblance.

The soundtrack consists of recordings of natural environment and sound layers composed by transforming these very recordings with custom-built methods. The aim was to converge the structures of sound and image in a perceptible way without obscuring the origin of the sound material. The compositions transform forestal space into a two-dimensional stage of mobile scenes and create spatial and temporal dramaturgies of perception.