Bernd Härpfer - Composition and Audiovisual Art


video (PAL), two player pianos
11:10 min.

Mime is a silent movie with and about piano music. However, the music is not played by a human but by a computer-driven acoustic piano. The composition was created by transforming the original audio track of the piano player's performance seen in the movie.

The theme of Mime is a cyclic process which breaks causal linearity and leads to a floating interplay between sound and image. The instrumental sound of the filmed piano turns into acoustic music again after it is recorded, digitally transformed, algorithmically recomposed and mechanically played.

Through fluctuating levels of reality the pianist is led to mime that which is perceived even though he is the origin of the process.

(first performed in Cologne, November 19th, 2004)

Other Versions:
- DVD, 2005, 6:52 min.
- Version for video and single player piano, 2007, 11 min.