Bernd Härpfer - Composition and Audiovisual Art


video (PAL), electronic music (stereo)
2003, team play with Pascal Fendrich
2:53 min.

Shoes belongs to a couple of concurrently produced works based on the concept of integrating picture and sound in an abstract dramaturgy that rests on the principle of constant acceleration.

The video consists of a series of daily taken photographs of parked shoes assembled to a video stream by using different editing techniques. The resulting movements affect the viewer like accelerating changes in time. The daily permutations of the shoes escalate from slow transitions to a blurred flutter.

The sound material used for the music comprises several singing or speaking voices. Almost static, frozen sounds gradually accelerate to a maximum speed. Ideally a standing wave would be transferred to white noise. While the temporal process runs through different phases harmony and melody of the voices develop from simple pythagorean intervals to complex microtonality and hence enforce the growth of sonic entropy.

(first performed in Cologne, November 7th, 2003)