Bernd Härpfer - Composition and Audiovisual Art

One For The Road

One For The Road I
piano, doublebass/electric bass, percussion
5 min.
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One For The Road II
prepared player piano
4:40 min.

A first version of One For The Road was composed for piano, double bass and percussion in 1999. The instrumentation, that of a rhythm section of a jazz band, supports a jazzy feeling on the surface contradicted by an underlying formal process. The tempo seems to decelerate permanently though the density of sound events is kept constant. This is achieved by transposing the idea of the "Shepard tones" (the acoustical illusion of a perpetual pitch glissando) onto the temporal structure.

In the year 2000, the piece was transcribed as One For The Road II for player piano, the strings of which are especially prepared so as to evoke the instrumentation of the original trio setting.

(first performed in Cologne, April 30th, 1999)